I ship Red Starling, or let me say I was V_V. Now I am giving up all beacuse after knowing that Shuichi Akai is Sherlock Holmes of the DC World! There is no way he will end up with Jodie neither with any other woman! That's really upsetting me T_T

— Anonymous

Hey Anon! :)

Don’t give up shipping them, because Red Starling needs every shipper they can get. Look, at least they had a common past and they’re still working together. souphummingbird​ wrote some meta posts about their relationship and I did, too. Maybe someone with better English skills than me could have said that a little better, still, I guess the intention of it is clear.

I don’t see Shuichi as the Sherlock of the DC Universe. Yeah, he is extremely smart and intelligent; he possess a huge amount of knowledge and makes even Jodie, Camel and James look like dumb idiots. But no, he’s not like Sherlock Holmes.

Shuichi knows how to treat others well and he’s both interested in and able to have a relationship. Being in a relationship with Jodie couldn’t have had any other motivations than love. As far as we know there was no need/reason for him to be in a relationship with her like it had been the case with Akemi. Also, after more than 500 episodes I doubt there would have been any need to confirm that they had been in love, because there is no impact on the story yet.

For me, Jodie could have been concerned about his fake death, she could have been sad the first time, but she obviously never really got over his death. Besides she (and I’ve to admit that I don’t no which translation is the correct one) either thought about Shuichi and why he’d to leave this early or she thought about their break-up and why Shuichi had to leave her back then (file 677). Gosho made her cry about him a lot of times and she always gets kinda hysteric if someone mentions him. So yeah. Not necessary for the story at the moment if you ask me. So… why should he do that?

I’ve no idea there this is going, but I wish there is a happy end for them (best both together). I remember, Gosho once said somewhere, each character would get his happy end and so why not them? Gosho has to do something with them if he does all this to Jodie.

Regardless of whether they end up being in a relationship again or not, you can still ship Red Starling! <3

I know how you feel about it but we’ve to stay strong and we’ve to ship it anyway. Why should anyone or anything stop us?! Not even Sherlock Holmes! ;)

Take a look here:

Our ship will happen *cough*

Have a nice day, Anon <3


I hate my friends ._.
That only shows up because I’m following them ;_;

Explanation: They are strong redstarling shippers (Shuuichi Akai with Jodie Starling) whereas I defend S(h)ushi with a passion (Shuichi Akai/Subaru Okiya with Shiho Miyano).

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Tumblr needs more of Red Starling. The world needs more of it. RED STARLING <3

I currently suffer from a lack of Red Starling, so I decided to upload a few things here again. Apart from Red Starling I love carnival and that’s why this little child has to wear a fox costume.


Jodie and Akai or Akemi and Akai.

Which one will you choose?

Who is Akemi? Of course Jodie :P

Shuichi Akai


…what I was thinking when re-reading and noticing Camel’s daredevil driving …with the thought of Akai-san being in the backseat.

*lol* Poor Shuu. XD And sorry for the suckery scribble :DD